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We serve three tiers of administrative professionals at BEL. Day two is also open to Entrepreneurs, and Executives.

Aspiring EAs:

Assistants who may be hungry to progress and learn from those in the industry with a wealth of experience and an abundance of knowledge; and those in need of guidance, mentorship and opportunity.

C-Suite Executive Assistants:

Executive Assistants who feel an urge to take their position to the next tier, sharpen their skills, learn from the best and proceed into the workplace equipped with new tools to achieve higher-level functions, priceless contacts, reignited excitement and a thirst to become outstanding in their field, their employer’s eyes, and to themselves.

Seasoned EAs and Former EAs:

This remarkable group of individuals has made a significant imprint in their respective careers, and by doing so have helped mold the leaders in the organizations they’ve worked for. The experience they’ve developed working for successful executives has inspired them to reach higher heights; and as a result, many of them have started their own ventures and have become a leader full of knowledge, wisdom, and deep experiences.