Local Chapters on a Global Scale

At EAO our mission is connection collaboration and camaraderie. Your local chapter will allow members the priceless opportunity to forge strong relationships with fellow peers and soon to be confidants. The essence of an EAO chapter is the sharing of knowledge, the ability to confide mentor and be mentored, and the platform to celebrate this remarkable profession.

The beauty of local chapters on a global scale, is the unlimited access to any chapter nationwide and globally. One of the most powerful attributes of an EA/PA is how connected they are. Knowing who to reach out to at a minutes notice is an incomparable benefit.

Especially when you find yourself in urgent need to book a hotel room in an unfamiliar city followed by reservations at an exclusive fully booked restaurant and then arranging a reliable ground transportation service to the airport!! Having these connections is imperative to you role as an assistant and ultimately life saving!

Sample Events

Day 1 21 May 2016
Day 2 26 May 2016
Day 3 01 June 2016
Day 4 14 June 2016
Day 5 23 June 2016
09:00 - 16:00 PM

We Are Seattle

RSVP: http://tinyurl.com/j8taqcr
Day 6 30 June 2016
Day 7 12 August 2016
Day 8 24 February 2017
Day 9 09 June 2017
Day 10 11 August 2017
Day 11 22 September 2017
Day 12 10 November 2017