In addition to the global online network of EAO members, you will have many opportunities to network with your EAO peers during local chapter meet ups, sponsored evening events, weekend activities and EAO focus groups. An incredible opportunity to meet EAO’ers from other chapters in your region.


When you join EAO, you join a chapter as well as the organization itself. As part of this local community of EA’s, members participate in regular chapter learning and social events. At these functions, you will have the opportunity to connect with local EAO members while benefiting from the knowledge of guest speakers who discuss a variety of business topics. In many cases, these programs capitalize on the availability of high-quality local presenters, educating you on nearby resources and addressing themes in your business community.


Educate & Rejuvenate are our intimate gatherings of up to 50 EAO members. Over two days (typically a weekend) attendees can enjoy the tranquil surroundings of a lavish venue/resort while simultaneously gaining education and best practices during our workshops. Activities, education, lunch and accommodation is all-inclusive. Attendees are responsible for flights, breakfast and evening meals. The tickets are usually sold out within one week of announcing the retreat. A very popular EAO event!


Behind Every Leader (BEL) is a production by EAO. This internationally recognized conference is hosted in different cities across North America twice a year.

These high energy, multi-faceted events connect you with hundreds of peers, EAO members and prolific speakers from around the world.

Throughout the conference attendees will immerse themselves in cutting edge training by means of keynotes, panel discussions, interactive workshops and live interviews.

Each and every EAO training segment and every BEL agenda are arranged based on the suggestions provided by our valued members and BEL attendees. Once we receive the consensus on the requested topics, we meticulously source experts that specialize in these specific topics in question. The segments are then crafted, specifically for our EAO members, by the best trainers in the business.


The EAO Mentorship Program offers you the opportunity to work one on one with a highly experienced mentor in an ongoing, structured mentorship. Each and every EAO mentor has been selected due to their devotion and commitment to their profession. EAO members will go through a telephone interview with EAO to decipher their specific needs and desired outcomes from their mentorship program. The EAO team will then pair the member with a minimum of three mentors that suit their requirements. The next step is for the EAO member to have a fifteen-minute phone conversation with each of the allocated mentors to decipher the best fit for them. Mentors can look wonderful on paper, but if there is no ‘click’ then the mentorship will not be beneficial to either party.


The best source of vendor referral is by word of mouth. Therefore, EAO continues to ask our members to provide us with their most favorable vendors, along with contact names within each company. As we grow this list, the EAO website will have an internal Preferred Vendors List comprised of categories (Hotels, Private Jet, Concierge, Meeting Planners, Ground Transportation, etc.) accompanied by who recommended them as a preferred EAO vendor.

The additional benefits of accessing this list of vendors are the VIP treatment you will receive due to being a member of EAO.