No one understands the challenges and needs of executive assistants, personal assistants and those in the role of chief of staff better than EAO.

EAO is dedicated to helping executive assistants address their most pressing challenges and biggest opportunities. We’ve designed the most comprehensive approach to help you achieve a competitive advantage. The critical component, however, is our community.

Our worldwide members are individuals dedicated to improving their knowledge, their leadership, their community and each other. Their willingness to put ego aside and apply the necessary rigor in the pursuit of excellence is what makes us different. Makes us better.


As a member of the EAO network, you get exclusive access to a wide breadth of benefits designed to help you grow in your role as an Executive Assistant, therefore becoming a better leader for your companies leader/s. Supporting the complete entrepreneur, EAO offers numerous resources to help you excel in business, your family, your community and the industry within which you work.

You have made it this far as a successful administrative professional— let EAO open your world to an abundance of possibilities, new opportunities and a worldwide camaraderie of like-minded professionals. EAO will take you to the next level!


EAO’s Monthly Membership option $79.99 billed monthly.


EAO’s Virtual Membership option $799 billed annually.


Some answers you just can’t Google. EAO connects you to salient, trustworthy and applicable insights and resources. It starts with new perspectives from your confidential EAO advisory board. It continues with research containing the latest data-driven, actionable insights on topics that matter to you.


The demands of executive assistants today have evolved into the role of strategic partners to their executives. EAO helps you identify new skills, competencies and training you may need as an effective decision-maker.


When your livelihood, your executives personal brand and your reputation are on the line, making the best decision is vital. EAO helps you refine your instincts, improve your judgment and expand your perspectives in a confidential, agenda-free environment.


Executive Assistants Organization (EAO) was launched in 2013 due to one former assistants unwavering desire to change the world of administrative professionals for the better. Unsatisfied with the choice of resources and the lack of support available for the industry, a quest for change began.

The vision was simple; to create an epicenter for like-minded assistants to congregate, collaborate, and share with one another, which would inevitably curate a movement followed by assistants around the globe.

EAO’s vision was soon realized.

Gone are the times where assistants are unrecognized for their herculean efforts within their workplace.

Nor does one need to feel isolated in their role. EAO brings assistants together on a regular basis during local chapter events, educational retreats, Behind Every Leader conferences, mentorship programs and 24/7 online forums.

Executives are continuing to realize these new breed of assistants are indispensable assets and by doing so, recognizing their worth by displaying acts of gratitude, showing respect and foreseeing a true partnership together.

Sharing knowledge is a key factor of the organization. Assistants accumulate a wealth of knowledge and expertise and rarely have the opportunity to share this wisdom with other assistants due to lack of interaction or camaraderie.

EAO’s philosophies state that in order for us to excel, we must collaborate, share knowledge and build camaraderie. Therefore, every member is a mentor.

EAO is launching chapters across North America, and soon internationally, to assist us on our mission to shed light on a profession that is somewhat; misunderstood by many. Our sole purpose is to provide support, offer cutting edge resources to nurture career development and celebrate the profession by bringing executive assistants to the forefront.

The organization’s growth and shared vision has reinforced that this profession is a valiant one, and one that needs nurturing in order to thrive.

Exciting times ahead!