Starting an EAO chapter takes dedicated leadership and group effort to make sure the chapter thrives. If you have a passion for the profession and the incredible individuals that lead it, shaping an EAO chapter gives you the chance to make an imprint in this valiant profession.

EAO was launched due to a desire to change the world of administrative professionals for the better. Gone are the times where admins are unrecognized for their herculean efforts within their workplace.

EAO’s philosophies state that in order for us to excel, we must collaborate, share knowledge and build camaraderie. Therefore, every member is a mentor.

Launching an EAO chapter is our way of tapping into the backbone of every great company and every great leader.

Chapter FAQ’s

What are the key elements for launching a chapter?

Each EAO Chapter requires two CL’s that share EAO’s vision and passion for the industry. Together, they share the responsibilities of leadership. CL’s are required to be present at each chapter event as well as accessible to current and future EAO members via a dedicated EAO email address. Example:

What is the role of an EAO Chapter Leader?

The Chapter Leader (CL) handles the strategic direction of the chapter and presides over the group at chapter meetings, assists in the organization of monthly events and in the recruitment of new EAO members.

Where Can I Apply?

Please fill out the form below or contact the EAO HQ team directly to learn more: