Victoria Rabin is the CEO and founder of Executive Assistants Organization (EAO Global, LLC), and the producer and host of internationally recognized Behind Every Leader conferences. Victoria got her career start as an EA in her hometown of London, England. The idea to start EAO was born out of the realization she had over time, of the authority and responsibility wielded by this often unsung group of heroes.

Rabin’s efforts to recognize and further the administrative profession has not gone unnoticed. Her mission to put EAs at the forefront and celebrate this valiant profession has been showcased in The Wall Street Journal, Inc Magazine, Yahoo TV, The San Francisco Chronicle, Business Times and The Huffington Post.

EAO is dedicated to the growth and development of executive and administrative assistants, through means of access to connections, networking, training, mentorship, and ongoing career support.

The Behind Every Leader events combine all of these key elements, attracting powerhouse speakers and attendees from all over the world.

We welcome your participation and are excited to grow together in this
exciting field!