Founded in 2010 by a formidable c-suite executive assistant who was unsatisfied with the lack of resources, community and reverence for such a valiant profession.

Victoria Louise Rabin has dedicated her life to providing this exceptional group of powerhouse executive assistants a global platform in which they can celebrate the profession, master their skills, connect with each other and have access to EAO’s preferred vendor partners who are equally devoted to providing the highest level of service to our community.

It takes a certain breed of individual to be a high profile executive assistant to the ultra high net worth individual. Thus, EAO’s mission has been and always will be to create an epicenter for our members with the intent to truly thrive and become indispensable assets and strategic partners both at the workplace and in life.

EAO boasts member-only chapters around the world and a growing number of advocates and followers. The word that we hear frequently when they find us is; “Finally”.