EAO Global is an international, peer-to-peer, continuing education and support community dedicated solely to career enrichment of Executive Administrators and Assistants. Oxford’s English Dictionary defines “administrative,” as relating to the running of a business or organization.” We agree.

And while organizations, from the Roman Empire to this day and age, are run by Executives and Entrepreneurs…they would be run less efficiently without the tireless work of the Executive Administrators working Behind Every one of these Leaders.

Despite the fact that millions work in this job role, around the world, there is not a clear path for a person to get an education, or career mentoring, for a role that they may well choose to have for their entire working career.

Amazingly, no college curriculum exists specifically for EAs, and yet this role is so very important to the development of not just many businesses, but to the entrepreneurs and executives that start and grow those businesses.

We exist to celebrate, educate, and provide support and mutual camaraderie to this deserving profession and the super-stars who work as the pillars in companies across the entire world…as proud EAs.
Welcome to EAO!