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A Message from the CEO

“The unique role of an executive assistant is unlike any job position in todays market. If I were to give a fair and realistic resemblance, it would be comparable to a co-pilot, running mate or a first lady. All of which embody unequivocal trust, loyalty and devotion within a symbiotic partnership.

Therefore, it takes a certain breed of individual to take on the role of an executive assistant. Whether the employer is aware of it or not, they seek an assistant with an insatiable hunger to learn the business, the ability to represent their personal and/or company brand, to act on their behalf in their absence, to protect and honor their business relationship and lastly, to act as a strategic partner and confidant.

First and foremost, I became an executive assistant simply to have a front seat next to the smartest people in the world. I wanted to learn from the best leaders and heavy hitters in the business while being in a supporting role.

I can say with conviction that I owe a vast amount of my success today as a busines woman from my experience as an executive assistant . It was without doubt the most influential time of myentire life, and simultaneously the most challenging and rewarding. I wouldn’t change a single moment of it.

In the matter of a few months working in tandem with my executive, I learned how to become an indispensable asset by acts of selflessness, taking on the daunting yet exhilarating leadership role, building a global network of key connections, and ultimately earning the trust and respect of my peers and employer resulting in earning a seat at the table.

The individuals of this valiant profession are one of a kind, and their herculean efforts will be recognized, celebrated and rewarded when working for the right people.

It is an honor and a privilege to now be the CEO and founder of Executive Assistants Organization (EAO) and the Behind Every Leader conferences.”

Victoria Louise Rabin