• 1st EVER Live Stream Conference!!! – July 3
  • Chicago – August 7
  • Los Angeles – November 6
  • New York – May 1 Cancelled due to Stay In Place Order

Behind Every Leader has become globally recognized as the premier event for senior Executive Assistants and Celebrity Assistants around the world.

The conference has been referenced as the Epicenter for the top 1% in the industry. In addition to congregating with like minded peers and career driven individuals, attendees gain exclusive access to a cutting edge curriculum presented by prolific speakers.

Prepare to immerse yourselves in career enhancing seminars, interactive workshops, compelling panel discussions and expect to adopt a slew of best practices to integrate in your daily routine.

Be inspired to become outstanding when we hear from Executive Assistants to high profile business tycoons, celebrities and inspirational leaders live on the BEL stage!

Behind Every Leader has been referenced by the WSJ as ‘a gathering of powerhouses’. And rightly so.

About EAO

If you have challenges in your position, want to expand your business networks, or are looking to connect with new and experienced EA’s who are ready to share their experiences and best practices…look no further.

As a global peer network, EAO offers you the connections, tools and resources you need to reach the next step in your career, and help you excel in each aspect of your professional (and personal) journey.